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The Center for Transport Analytics works with various data and models within the transport sector.

The purpose of the Center for Transport Analytics is to enhance the quality of future traffic modelling. This is done through the creation of a basis for improved models and through the simplification of their use for the benefit of both those who build the models and those who use them. An enhanced quality of the calculations of the traffic models will lead to an improved basis for future decision making with regards to infrastructure projects and for general policy initiatives.

An important task for the Center for Transport Analytics is The Danish National Travel Survey (TU), which maps the Danish transport behaviour through approximately 1,000 monthly interviews. The work include the design of data collection, the provision of tasks to external suppliers, quality assurance as well as post-processing of data collected and finally the dissemination of results.

The Center for Transport Analytics also executes a number of ad hoc tasks such as data collections on travel habits and transport behaviour as the basis for research and consultancy services in the transport sector at DTU.

For more information about our research and activities, please visit our Danish site.

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